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Peter Pan - Northwich Memorial Hall 2019/20

Peter Pan Northwich

Amazing production of Peter Pan. Great for adults and kids. Dame Dukes (Ieuan Rhys) was hilarious.
Nic Green

Absolutely hilarious from start to finish and we loved Ieuan Rhys.
Laura Downes

Oliver! - Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Oliver Aberystwyth

The inevitable retort to Oliver's request is boomed back at him by Mr Bumble who is played by Welsh TV favourite, Ieuan Rhys. This is Rhys' third summer season in Aberystwyth and, in my opinion, his best. His partner in crime, Widow Corney, is played by the inimitable and effervescent Gillian Elisa and the combination is a complete tonic. Oliver is not traditionally a production that you think of as including 'laugh out loud funny' scenes, but "I Shall Scream" falls into this category and the inventive decision to base the workhouse in Wales, is fully justified by these two powerhouses alone.
Alan Rock (Theatre in Wales)

Dick Whittington - Litchfield Garrick Theatre 2018/19

Dick Whittington Litchfield

Ieuan Rhys (you may well think he is Welsh…you’d be right) is an avuncular Alderman Fitzwarren.
Jono Oates (City-Life-In-Lichfield)

Accomplished actor Ieuan Rhys brings his talents to the mayhem as Alice's father Alderman Fitzwarren
Tony Collins (Weekend Notes - Birmingham)

Alderman Fitzwarren, is portrayed as a comfortable father figure by Ieuan Rhys.
Jayne Knight (What's Good To Do

Aladdin - Sheffield Lyceum

Aladdin Sheffield

Ieuan Rhys plays the Emperor of China and he is very well spoken and has a voice you could listen to for hours and definitely is perfect in this authoritative role.
Jacob Reviews Shows

PEOPLE by Alan Bennett (National Theatre)

Bruce People

'People' is a charming play about heritage and identity. The principal characters are lovingly drawn, all likeable and the performances follow suit. Siân Phillips perfectly treads the line between reclusive pensioner and glamorous dame as Dorothy. Similarly Brigit Forsyth is wonderfully scatty as her companion Iris. Furthermore, funny little cameos such as Ieuan Rhys as a gay handy man keep the mood bright.
George Attwell Gerhards

Sian Phillips is peerless as former model and Dowager Peeress, Dorothy Stacpoole, funny, haughty, innocent and worldly in equal measure and all delivered seamlessly - quite superb. So too are Brigit Forsyth as Iris, Dorothy‘s delightfully dotty companion and Selina Cadell as the convincingly clerical and insistently interfering sister June.Simon Bubb, Michael Thomas, Ieuan Rhys and Adrian McLoughlin all help to add to this multi-layered feast of comedy and observation, which starts slowly but develops at a cracking pace.
Malcolm Handley (The Daily Post)

“People” has a crafted three-act structure, its central act one of large-cast action tinged with farce. “F--- it boss, you must admit it’s cat-piss hall” is the opening line of one of the film crew that has invaded the Hall and, among other novelties, resuscitated the heating. Amidst the familiar film crew figures Ieuan Rhys’ Bruce, with all that the name suggests, is a joyous, light figure with a helpful empathy towards the owners. Jack Llewellyn’s loss for his latest tale of the Trimsaran Williams family is our gain.
Adam Somerset,Theatre Wales

CINDERELLA (Evolution at The Hawth Theatre Crawley)


“I have to mention Ieuan Rhys as Baron Hardup, a man with a vast string of very prestigious credits to his name. He manages to convey the very embodiment of a fatherly figure, concerned about the welfare of his daughter Cinderella but fearful of the two cruel stepsisters.”
Sheila Connor –British Theatre Guide

SLEEPING BEAUTY (Evolution at The Marlowe Theatre Canterbury)

Sleeping Beauty

“Ieuan Rhys’s jolly Welsh King Izznit completes the line-up of what must be one of the strongest casts of the season”
Simon Sladen - British Theatre Guide

The Government Inspector (Communicado Theatre/Aberystwyth Arts)

The Government Inspector

“The versatile cast includes Ieuan Rhys and Barrie Hunter as the bumbling duo, Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky, who spark off the misunderstanding of the wastrel stranger in the town's hotel”
Adam Somerset – Theatre Wales

“This extraordinary cast of brilliant comedy players - with some clever interactive play from Barrie Hunter, Bobchinsky and Ieuan Rhys, Dobchinsky, adding to the mayhem.”
Michael Kelligan – Theatre Wales

ELWYN (Wales Theatre Company/Aberystwyth Arts)


Rhys is incredibly funny while Gomer does a great job balancing the two sides to Elywn, his neurotic real self and his suave, man-of-the-world fantasy.
Gair Rhydd

Ieuan Rhys gives his eyes a sleepy look that is suggestive of a character under medication. In his woolly hat with its wobbly pompom he is the skilled carpenter, the craftsman in apposition to Elwyn’s ascetic brainbox, the hearty eater, the virgin with one thing on his mind. The play has featured five times as a Christmas production in Hamburg. The togetherness of the scene in which the two characters decorate their Christmas tree touches something quite deep.
Theatre In Wales

BRED IN HEAVEN (Frapetsus Productions)

Bred In Heaven

Ieuan Rhys - a heavyweight performer in every sense of the word, whose gravitas has graced many a Bogdanov production as well as TV shows including Pobol y Cwm and Doctor Who - is a hoot from first to last as Bryn Thomas,
Western Mail

In this production - directed by Olivier winning director Michael Bogdanov - Maldwyn and his friends are taken to the other side of the world to New Zealand to watch Wales win the Rugby World Cup. He is joined on this 'tour' by Ieuan Rhys (Bryn Thomas), and Russell Gomer and Di Botcher (Mike and Beryl Davies). The comic timing of both Rhys and Gomer is a delight to watch - add on top of that the stern dry battle-axe wit of Botcher and you have a comedic winning team.
Theatre In Wales

A PROVINCIAL LIFE (National Theatre Wales)

Provincial Life

“A Provincial Life” differs from the sixteen productions that have preceded it. They have all been different in their own way but this one differs in one particular respect. Its purpose is to do honour to Peter Gill. That honour is obvious where an actor of Ieuan Rhys’ stature has joined the company in a minor part.
Theatre In Wales

WHOSE COAT IS THAT JACKET? (Frapetsus Theatre Company)

“North Wales..” muses Ieuan Rhys’ wonderfully relaxed David “it’s an extension of Liverpool.”

“The chemistry between the cast was brilliant, with a genuine family feeling which made the jokes funnier and the serious scenes more dramatic. Ieuan Rhys and Sara Harris-Davies played the lovable parents Dai and Angharad, who knit the family together.“
Theatre Wales

Y LAMP HUDOL (ALADDIN) (Martyn Geraint/RCT Theatres)


“Exit Aladdin to make way for Widow Twankey or Madam Twankey in this production. Ieuan Rhys is an old hand at pantomimes and you could tell this by his performance as the 'Dame'. From the moment he stepped on the stage he took command and knew full well how to handle his audience both young and old. His asides to some poor chap sitting near the front were very amusing.“
Theatre Wales

HAMLET (Wales Theatre Company)


"It is a long play but for most of the time it speeds along. As is often the case much of the early discourse between Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is cut but nevertheless the characterisations from Ieuan Rhys and Dyfrig Morris have that unique and unusual quality that is a major characteristic of this very successful production."
The British Theatre Guide

"Cafwyd sawl perfformiad cofiadwy yn y cynhyrchiad, megis Ieuan Rhys yn rhan Rosencrants a Dyfrig Morris fel Gildenstern, dau thyg twp o argyhoeddiad - cyfeillion Hamlet, ond yn ysbïo arno yr un pryd."
BBC Cymru’r Byd

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (Wales Theatre Company)

"The Fezziwig revelry provides a real festive lift to the proceedings and Ieuan Rhys scores as the ebullient Mr Fezziwig."
The Stage

MY FAIR LADY (Aberystwyth Arts Centre)

My fair Lady

"Get Me to the Church on Time is a showstopper led by Ieuan Rhys’ gloriously down to earth Doolittle."
The Stage

"The Ensemble made up from a mix of children, teenagers and adults were breathtaking. I craved for more big numbers, often led by Ieuan Rhys as Alfred Doolittle. Mr Rhys was another gem of the show. His no nonsense portrayal was uproarious and his numbers of ‘I’m getting married’ and ‘with a little bit of luck’ were both showstoppers. Ieuan Rhys, last seen on this stage as an oily aristocrat, the Marques of Bath, here played dustman Doolittle, with the role’s traditional scale and exuberance."
Theatre Wales

ROMEO & JULIET (Wales Theatre Company)

"Jack Ryder and Sara Lloyd-Gregory fare splendidly as the ill-fated lovers. Velvet-voiced Russell Gomer also scores a hit with his hugely satisfying performance as Mercutio, while his fellow company regulars Kathryn Dimery, Bill Bellamy, Ieuan Rhys, John Labanowski, Danny Grehan, Richard Munday, Gareth John Bale and Gareth Richards contribute greatly to the success of the whole in their respective roles."
Western Mail

THE THORN BIRDS (Wales Theatre Company)

The Thorn Birds

“Ieuan Rhys is a big actor, and that in a complimentary sense, who can command a stage.”
Theatre Wales

ALADDIN (O.M.T. Company)

"As unlikely Chinese policemen, Ieuan Rhys and Richard Tunley are just as effective in their cross patter as in their very physical knockabout."
The Stage

AMAZING GRACE (Wales Theatre Company)

Amazing Grace

“Roberts is portrayed by Robert Barton, a Ioan Gruffudd-lookalike with a suitably charismatic stage presence, while Shân Cothi shines as his sister Mary. There are also splendid contributions from Phillip Arran, Rhian Morgan, Lee Gilbert, Ieuan Rhys and Jon Cecil as W.T. Stead, the journalist who serves as narrator.”
South Wales Evening Post